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Accessing Teamviewer on the Ubuntu Linux Desktop

Teamviewer is an application which is essential for the HELPDESK to be able to access your Ubuntu desktop to do support, make adjustments and configurations, remotely. In case this application is not running on your desktop, HELPDESK wont be able to connect to your desktop. So it is essential to have Teamviewer running in situations that you will be needing support.

if it is not running, access and open the application via :

Click the Show application button as shown below :

After clicking that, applications will appear, scroll down a page and click teamviewer :

After clicking the Teamviewer icon, a window will appear as shown below :

The Technician will be asking the following information to be given:

A. Your ID - or teamviewer ID, will be asked by the Helpdesk Technician to access your desktop
B. Password - Passcode to complete authentication and enable access to your desktop remotely

After giving the essential info, the Technician will be able to access your desktop remotely.

Updated on: 24/04/2020

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