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Activating Sharepoint on your Workstation

To be able to use sharepoint it needs to be synced to you workstation:

you will need to :

*have one drive pre configured and signed in with your account, see this article for more info - One Drive Setup

*have offiice 365 installed

*have activated office 365 on your workstation, see this article : Activating Office 365

folllow the steps below:

go to Office 365 portal, sign in using the O365 admin account credentials of your that was provided by the IT team or the practice manager


after logging in using the appropriate account you'll be in this page, click admin icon on the lower left side of the window

after clicking admin it willl take you to a new window, click the 3 lines on the upper left corner then click show all, additional features will appear on the list as shown below, click Sharepoint:

after clicking Sharepoint it will open a new window as shown below, click Active Sites :

after clicking Active Sites, it will show the list of URLs of the sharepoint workspaces available. click the URL corresponding to the name of your organization as set up by the IT team.

after clicking the url it will take you to the organization's sharepoint page. click the three dot menu and then click sync as shown on the image below:

a pop up box appears, click open microsoft onedrive button

after clicking that button, a sign in box will appear that shows the admin account. click sign in ad input the password

after signing in, a pop up box will show the organization sharepoint folder and destination as shown below. click next on the tutorial windows

afterwards you will now see the sharepoint environment in your windows explorer. You may now start using sharepoint and browse the folders.

Updated on: 22/10/2021

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