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Creating a User Account - Administrator / Office Manager / Practice Manager Privilege

Administrators, Office Managers and Practice Managers will have different account settings. They have the option to Create a user account.

To create a user:

Log in to your account, See link for more info -

After logging in, click on VIEW ALL TICKETS tab as shown in the image below :

view all tickets tab

After clicking you'll see the USER list window which will also let you view the tickets made per user.


1- FULL NAME - Displays the full name of the user
2- EMAIL ADDRESS - Displays the Email address of the user
3- MOBILE NUMBER - Displays the mobile number
4- SEND MOBILE NO. - Indicator whether the sms notification of ticket should be sent to the
mobile number displayed
5- SEARCH - Lets you search tickets using keywords on the table
6- TOTAL TICKETS - Displays the number of tickets created per user.
7- CREATE USER - Lets you create a User Account

Click the CREATE USER button to display CREATE USER page. Fill out all the necessary details as shown below.

create user window

1- FIRST NAME - type in the first name of the user
2- SURNAME - type in the last name of the user
3- FULL NAME - type in the full name of the user
4- EMAIL ADDRESS - type in the email address of the user
5- MOBILE NUMBER - Input the mobile number of the user
6- SEND MOBILE NO - tick the box if the user wishes to receive sms notifications about the
ticket they will be opening
7- CREATE - Button to be pressed after filling out the necessary details

A banner will be displayed that the user creation was successful


Updated on: 05/07/2019

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