Go to Control Panel and select Recovery

After clicking recovery a window should appear as shown below, Select Configure System Restore

A Small pop up box will show, Click the Configure button

After clicking configure, a pop up box will appear as shown below, you can select the preferred configuration for the system restore (leave all settings at default) and click OK

After clicking OK, it will take you back to the System restore box and to start the creation of the restore point click on the create button

It will prompt you to label / put a description on the system restore point. Any label would do, as a suggestion, we always use the Date for today (format optional) ie. 16032021, then click create

after clicking create, it will show a progress bar of the system restore point creation, and prompt after the restore point is created.

Click the System Restore button an shown below then the System Restore assistant will show, click next

After clicking next, it will display the list of system restore points that was created, select the restore point that you want to restore your machine to and click next

After clicking next it's going to display a confirmation of the task then click finish to proceed

A prompt will appear. click yes, a progress bar will show

Task May take a while, do not turn off your machine or if you're using a laptop make sure that it is plugged into the power source so it won't lose power and turn the machine off. it will restart your machine as part of the restoration.

after the task is done, when you log back in to your machine, it wil show this prompt as a confirmation that the system restore was a success.

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