How to set-up RDP connection on your ANDROID device

Open the downloaded RDP application

Click Accept when you see this window:

After clicking accept it will take you to the Main window as shown below:

Click the + on the upper right side of the window to add the connection to your Virtual Machine. Select Add PC as shown below:

After clicking Add PC, this window will appear, tap the field that says PC name, then as shown below, add the IP address of the VM you are trying to access, then hit SAVE.(contact Helpdesk if unsure of what the IP address is)

After hitting save button, you will be taken to this window where you will see the icon of the added PC. Tap that and enter the access credentials to be able to connect.

After filling out the necessary and correct credentials, a small pop up window will appear as shown below. No need to worry at this warning as this is only a reminder. You may tick the box the says "Never ask again for connections to this PC" so that the next time you connect you wont see that warning anymore. Then click Connect

After that, it should take you to your desktop. You can navigate the mouse pointer via swiping on the screen.

To disconnect from the RDP session: click the icon in the menu tray at the top of the screen which will take you to another screen, then tap disconnect from all PCs at the bottom of the screen as shown below.

Updated on: 15/12/2022

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