How to use Teamviewer - Remoting to other PCs and vice versa

Open the Teamviewer application : click the shortcut on the desktop or search in the programs as shown below: inform the other party that they will need to do the same - in order for you to remote into their PCs or for them to remote into yours.

This window should appear after opening the app. Obtain the User ID and password (Marked RED) of the party you will be connecting to. Input the USER ID and PASSWORD (marked GREEN) when prompted of the PC you are connecting to, in the fields shown below:

*note** - if you wish that a user to remote into your pc, you need to give that user the User ID and Password on your Teamviewer window.

After clicking the OK button, you should be connected to the other PC.

If you wish to disconnect from the session, click the X button located in the menu tray at the upper center part of the screen, as shown below

Updated on: 15/12/2022

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