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Session Collaboration - Sending an Invite to Guest Users

Session Collaboration is a feature wherein you can invite users to view and interact on your computer screen. Ideal for meetings and visual planning.

To Initiate a Session Collaboration between two VMware Horizon users, the Session Host user needs to send an invite to the Session Guest User. Follow the steps below on how to send an invite to a Guest user for a session:

You can invite only users that belong to a domain that the server allows for authentication. In other words, you can only send an invite to a User that is within your organization.
You can invite up to five users by default
If you have multiple monitors, only the primary monitor is shown to session collaborators.

Ensure you are logged in to your Virtual Machine. Locate the VMware Horizon Session Collaboration icon. See this article on how to locate the icon

Clicking that icon will bring up a box like the one shown on the image below. Type the contact details / user name / email address of the person you want to send an invite to.

Type the name / contact detail of the Guest you want to invite to the session. Make sure that invite is in the same organization as you, and that you are typing the right information, as this error will appear otherwise. Please note that those are just examples below.

After entering the name of the person being invited, wait for 1 or 2 minutes, close the invite window and open it again. You will see the status of the person you invited as shown below

1 - Status of the invited contact, you can remove this person the session by clicking REMOVE
2 - Turning the control button on will give permission to the invited contact control of the mouse and keyboard, the host can take the controls back by clicking anywhere on the screen or switching this button off again.

After the Guest has joined you will see a notification banner as shown in the image below :

The guest that was invited would need to log out of the current vm session in order for him to see the session invite, to join the collaboration session. See link below for the article on joining the session :

Updated on: 27/04/2020

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