You can use Outlook app on your Apple ipad or iphones as the mail client. Follow these steps in setting up the Exchange account:

Download from App Store and install Outlook app on your iphone / ipad

after installation, tap the outlook icon and click on get started

Input email details then click add account, if unsure about email address, contact HELPDESK

this window will appear next, Select EXCHANGE

after selecting EXCHANGE, this window willl appear next, input all necessary details as follows: if unsure of the details, please contact HELPDESK**

email address :
password : yourpassword
description : any input here will reflect as the mailbox name
Server :
Username : XYZ\firstname.surname
keep the use advanced settings slider to ON (green)
then tap sign in

after tapping sign in, it will prompt you that process is done and account has been added.
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