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Ticket Severity Guide - Support Portal Ticket Entry

The ticket severity indicator displays the severity of the issues and helps us organize and gauge the urgency of the matter, please use this as a guide for choosing which ticket severity is appropriate for your issue when creating a ticket.

Please see this link on creating a ticket for more info :

Shown in the table below, Ticket severity and examples (but not limited to) :

Severity Guide


At vCloud we see all issues from all clients as important. Although we may prioritise certain issues differently to how our clients may within their organisation, we urge all users of the vCloud Support Portal to adapt to our Severity Level protocol, and use the Urgent and Critical levels only when necessary to the above outlined issues, along with contact from a practice manager.

If support issues and tickets are logged as critical (dark red) and/or critical (red) and the issue isn't one of these severity levels, we will reduce the severity level accordingly and notify you.

If you have any thoughts about the explanation of the severity level, please contact us at the help desk and we would be happy to discuss this with you further.

Updated on: 19/07/2019

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