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Two Factor Authentication via Microsoft Authenticator App

Log on to the Office365 portal : Use the credentials that will be provided by your Practice Manager / Supervisor / Office Manager

After logging in, it will redirect you to your Office 365 account page. As shown below click the view my account link

After clicking the link it should take you to your account page. Click update info under Security Info tab as shown below:

After clicking update info, it should take you to the signins security page as shown below.

Click Add Sign in Method and a small pop up box will appear.

Select Authenticator app and click Add

It will then prompt you to download the Microsoft Authenticator app. We encourage using the Microsoft Authenticator app. If you already downloaded the authenticator app click next.

After the app has downloaded and installed on your phone, open the Authenticator app and select Work or School account. (you may follow the prompts and guide)

After clicking next at that point it will display the QR code that you would need to scan from your mobile phone. Scan the QR code and click next then follow the prompts on your mobile phone.

It will prompt you to Enter the code on your mobile phone to the screen. after entering the code, it will prompt you that the notification is approved.

Updated on: 10/01/2023

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