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Using Credit Account Facility via WebStore

With our WebStore we have different way for paying for products and services. If you are a customer that purchases hardware, software and services regularly from vCloud Group, then it makes total sense for us to set you up a credit account.

Credit Account payment mode is only available in the WebStore and when using the mobile browser. It is not available in the app.

With a credit account you receive the following benefits:

receive a fortnight bill for any purchases in that time,
still earn points on purchases,
all purchases kept in your purchase history,
purchase items and deliver to different addresses (like your staff homes),

Firstly, to gain access to the credit account facility, you need to email us at and request access to update your account to be have the "Credit Account" payment type enabled against your store account.

If you haven't created a store account, please visit here xxxxxx and follow this guide.

Now once you have setup your store account and we have enabled you to have the credit account facility during checking all you have to do is the following:

When you have finished shopping online, go to your shopping cart and you will see this additional button:

Once you press the credit account button, the payment checkout will be bypassed and you will go directly to the shipping information page.

Please enter the address where you would like the items purchased sent.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are purchasing in behalf of a staff member, and need the items sent directly to them, please enter their address details here.

Updated on: 07/05/2021

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