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Using Multiple Desktops in your Ubuntu VM

Using multiple desktops in your Ubuntu Desktop is a feature that can be utilized to your advantage, going thru multiple (but different) browsers open at the same time or applications simultaneously opened. Check out the instructions below :

When logged in to your Ubuntu VM and lets say you have a browser / application open, click on ACTIVITIES on the upper right side of your desktop, right after clicking Activities, the current screen will some what zoom in and you will notice the window tray on the right side (boxed in blue)

Type the desired application or browser in the SEARCH BOX and press enter to open the new application

Click ACTIVITIES again to toggle between two or more application windows. Hover your mouse on the application tray (boxed in blue) to fully display it. Clicking the thumbnail of each opened application will allow you to open the existing application on the desktop. Clicking the X icon (encircled in blue) lets you close the application that you want to close

Updated on: 28/04/2020

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