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Viewing Open tickets

Open tickets are issues that are still ongoing and the support team is still working on the resolution. This page is to view the open tickets for your reference.

To view open tickets :

Log on to your Support portal account - please see this article :

Click the View Open Tickets tab (see image below)

view tickets tab

It will take you to this page :

view open ticket page

1- SEARCH BOX - search for a specific ticket
2- TICKET # - Displays the ticket number which is automatically system generated as soon as a
ticket is created, clicking it will display the TICKET DETAILS window which will show
the exact description of the matter that you input.
3- DATE / TIME - Displays the date and time the ticket was created
4- SUBJECT - Displays the brief title of the issue
5- SEVERITY - Displays the severity if the issue
6- ASSIGNED TO - Displays the creator of the ticket

Ticket Details and adding notes
you may add notes and additional information by clicking the ADD NOTE button please see image below:

ticket details

Clicking the ADD NOTE button will take you to this page:

create new note

Type in the notes you want to add in the ADD NOTE box and click on the CREATE button. Added notes will appear in the ticket details :

add notes

Updated on: 02/07/2019

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