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Viewing Ticket Status and Info - Administrator / Office Manager / Practice Manager Privilege

Viewing the ticket status and information when using an Administrator account lets you view the number of tickets raised per user, status of the tickets and ticket details.

To view the tickets:

Log in to your account, see article for more info -

After logging in, Click VIEW ALL TICKETS as shown in the image below


It will take you to the users screen. Click the number of tickets in the total tickets column as shown below

user tickets

Clicking the number of tickets will take you to the tickets screen below


1- STATUS - Displays the ticket status if it's still Open or Closed
2- ASSIGNED TO - Displays the Ticket creator
3- SEVERITY - Displays the severity of the ticket
4- SUBJECT - Brief description of the matter
5- DATE / TIME - Displays the date and time when the ticket was created
6- TICKET # - Displays the system generated Ticket Number. You may click that link to
display ticket details screen as shown in the image below :

ticklet details

You may also visit this link for more info about ticket details :

Updated on: 06/07/2019

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