There is an option for users to view closed tickets and to see the tickets that have been opened in the past for reference purposes only. IMPORTANT NOTE : Tickets can ONLY be closed by Help Desk Support and the IT administrator. Tickets are closed once resolved.

To view the tickets :

Log in to your Support portal account. Check this article for more info on logging in :

Click the VIEW CLOSED TICKETS tab as shown below:

view closed tickets tab

After clicking that tab will display a screen like this :

view closed tickets window

1- STATUS- displays the ticket status
2- ASSIGNED TO - displays the creator of the ticket
3- SEVERITY - displays the severity of the ticket
4- SUBJECT- displays a brief description of the issue
5- DATE / TIME - displays the date and time the ticket was created
6- TICKET # - displays the system generated ticket number, clicking the ticket number will
display the ticket details, as shown in the image below :

ticket details
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