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Azure Virtual Network Client - Download

Connecting to Azure Virtual Network via the cloud requires a specific program to be installed on your computer system. The existing remote desktop connection program is not to be used to connect to the Azure Virtual Network as its connects directly via IP, not a Microsoft 365 login.

If you are trying to connect with this program:

Then you need to follow the step below to download and install Remote Desktop for Azure Virtual Network.


Visit site:
or click the respective image below to download the client for your system
if you do not know your system specifications follow this article

Check system specifications - Windows


Once you've downloaded the Remote Desktop client, you'll need to install it by following these steps:

Run the installer by double-clicking the file you downloaded.

On the welcome screen, select Next.

To accept the end-user license agreement, check the box for I accept the terms in the License Agreement , then select Next.

For the Installation Scope, select one of the following options:

- Install just for you: Remote Desktop will be installed in a per-user folder and be available just for your user account. You don't need local Administrator privileges.
- Install for all users of this machine: Remote Desktop will be installed in a per-machine folder and be available for all users. You must have local Administrator privileges

Select Install.

Once installation has completed, select Finish.

If you left the box for Launch Remote Desktop when setup exits selected, the Remote Desktop client will automatically open. Alternatively to launch the client after installation, use the Start menu to search for and select Remote Desktop.


A workspace combines all the desktops and applications that have been made available to you by your admin. To be able to see these in the Remote Desktop client, you need to subscribe to the workspace by following these steps:

Open the Remote Desktop app on your device.

The first time you subscribe to a workspace, from the Let's get started screen, select Subscribe or Subscribe with URL. Use the information below for your scenario.

If you selected Subscribe, sign in with your user account when prompted, for example After a few seconds, your workspaces should show the desktops and applications that have been made available to you by your admin.

Subscribe with URL
If you selected Subscribe with URL, in the Email or Workspace URL box, enter the relevant URL from the following table. After a few seconds, the message We found Workspaces at the following URLs should be displayed.

Azure environmentWorkspace URL
Azure cloud (most common)
Azure for US Government
Azure operated by 21Vianet

Select Next.

Sign in with your user account when prompted. After a few seconds, the workspace should show the desktops and applications that have been made available to you by your admin.

Once you've subscribed to a workspace, its content will update automatically regularly and each time you start the client. Resources may be added, changed, or removed based on changes made by your admin.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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