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How to change inbound calling rules in your phone system

With your phone system, you can change the way inbound calls are handled. You can have your receptionist take all calls and forward/transfer to other users and/or extensions. Or you can have a ring group configured with a set of pre-configured phones will all ring simultaneously until one of those users pick up or answer the call.

Automatically we configure the phone system to set the inbound destination to "800 Main Ring Group" and add the default extension (usually, extension 100) to the group.

Once you decide the way you want your inbound calls to be routed, follow these steps:

Log into your phone system management console, refer to article below:

Select Inbound Rules from the menu on the left

Select the default inbound Rule create by vCloud called "Main Dialin Number" and press the Edit button

From here you can change the "Destination for calls during office hours" and "Destination for calls outside office hours".

Just forward calls to a particular extension or ring group, then press OK to save settings.

Updated on: 12/01/2019

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