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How to put a call on shared park

When on a call, sometimes you need to park the call. This is called shared parking. This function of the phone system is enabled from your function buttons on the phone handsets themselves. On your handset (depending on model) you can have between 2-4 shared parking locations for incoming and outgoing calls, these buttons will look like this on your display:

The function button itself will be lite up green with the shared park location is available and red when in use.

To use shared parking follow these steps:

When on a call press one of the free Shared Parking locations.

This will enable your handset to accept and/or pickup other calls.

You can pick up the parked call on any phone in the office which has the shared park enabled. For example: The receptionist can park a call on Shared Park # 1 and the Manager can press Shared Park # 1 from their office and connect to the call instead of transferring it.

Please Note:
Once you have finished taking/transferring other calls, please remember to go back to the call that was parked.

Updated on: 14/01/2019

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