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How to start a conference call from your handset

Conference calls are becoming a standard feature of many phone systems. It allows you to bring multiple people, either internally or externally, to be included in a phone call or conversation. To start a conference call, follow these steps:

Make the first phone call

Press the Conference function button

At this point you can dial another number or an internal extension from the phone system and press the Send function key.

This will give the person you are trying to conference in a chance to discuss if they want to be included in the conference call

If they would like to be part of the conference call, press the Conference function button again

Additional features to conference calls

If you would like to mute or remove a person from the conference call, select the Manage function button and then select the person on conference call and select either Mute or Remove function buttons.

To put the whole conference call on hold, select the Hold function button.

To split the conference call, press the Split function button and then manage each call separately.

Updated on: 12/01/2019

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