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Duo 2FA/MFA Security Enrollment

As the online landscape becomes more insecure, and with the prevalence of email phishing, it is becoming harder to enforce stronger security and countermeasures, and to secure your information systems.

As part of vCloud's security strategy, we have partnered with Duo Security to delivery 2FA/MFA (Two/Multi-Factor Authentication) across your information and computer systems. Duo Security facilitates the ability to authenticate your windows logon, and if you are in our IBM/Microsoft/Equinix/OVH Cloud datacentres.

Duo Security is a software / mobile device application that involves (i) software installed on the firm's server infrastructure and (ii) an App on the staff mobile devices. The server software forwards a notification to the mobile device App upon log-in to enable verification via a simple "Approve / Deny'" selection.

Please Note: As the Duo Security software is installed on your firm's server system, all phone numbers are secure and not shared with any third parties.

This is a two step enrollment, once completed, we will install the Duo Security for Windows Logon, and then you will be prompted to authenticate your logon. To see this in action, please visit:

**Step # 1: Once your logon is enabled for enrollment, you will receive this email and you will need to click on the highlighted link:

**Step # 2: Then click the start setup button as shown below:

**Step # 3: Installing Duo Heath Service, select skip for now, we will install this when we enable Duo for Windows Logon:

**Step # 4: What kind of device are you using, we recommend using your mobile phone, if you require a security key/tag, please let us know we can order one for you:

**Step # 5: Enter your mobile/cell phone number, it is important here, to select the right country, enter your number for the correct international code (you may need to drop the zero '0' from the front of your number, select that yes its the correct number, and press continue.

**Step # 6: Select the operating system used on your device:

**Step # 7: Scan code first, then select "I HAVE DUO INSTALLED", Select which appstore to connect too:

**Step # 8: Scan your code once Duo Mobile is installed to verify your device:

Once authenticated with Duo Security in the cloud, you will get a verify green tick, then just press continue.

**Step # 9: Verify your mobile/cell number and device has been added correctly, then press Finish Enrollment:

**Step # 10: When all completed, you will see this welcome message to show your enrollment is completed, you can close the window:


Updated on: 25/05/2023

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