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How to use call pickup from a handset when in a ring group

If you are the receptionist, or in a ring group (when a group of phones rings when the phone system rings), if you want to answer a second call you can use a predefined button programmed by vCloud to utilise this function.

On all handsets within a ring group, vCloud Support program a specific function button called "Pickup" or "Call Pickup". This button looks like this on the phone screen display:

Follow these steps to pickup the second, third, fourth .... call:

Place your existing call on shared park, refer to article below:

While you can hear the other phones ringing, press the "Pickup" or "Call Pickup" function button.

Your call will be answered and you can then transfer the call to any other extension if required.

Please Note:
Your first call is on shared park, you will need to go back to this call, as the person calling will remain on hold until you do.

Updated on: 12/01/2019

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